Rustic Winter Barn Wedding (Organised in Just 3 Weeks

Rustic Winter Barn Wedding (Organised in Just 3 Weeks


This barn wedding is kind of a unique one. Not only is it super gorgeous, beautifully styled and so intimate. But the photographer, the bride's sister, and the maid of honor, were all the same person! Pretty cool, right?

Oh, and the entire wedding was planned in three weeks. On a budget. Seriously!

The amazing Sara and Stephen got married at Samary Plantation, Tennessee, on a fortuitous date, 12-13-14, ahead of their move to Nebraska. And who better to capture their celebration than Sara's own talented sister, Jenna Henderson?

From a stunning ceremony backdrop to beautiful table decor, pretty calligraphy details and cool graphic paper goods, this wedding looks more like the kind of celebration that was painstakingly planned for months.

Finishing touches like green ribbon bouquets, personalised wedding favours, and cotton in each place setting adds even more amped up attention to detail.

If you're six months out from your wedding and worried you don't have enough prepared, relax. Let this gorgeous bride and her dashing groom show you how it's done!

Wedding Day Snapshot

Our Love Story

We knew each other when we were babies! Then reconnected 18 years later and dated for almost three years. Stephen unexpectedly got a job in Lincoln, NE and we decided to take it, get married, and move 800 miles away! We actually picked a wedding date over the phone while Stephen was still in NE and planned our wedding in three weeks!

The Palette

Our wedding colors were deep green and charcoal. We incorperated lots of natural elements into our decor, including magnolia leaves, cedar branches, and pine cones as well as cotton as an ode to my family's farming history. Our theme was very rustic and classic, with a hint of vintage touches. Our venue was the only venue we could find with three weeks notice! However, it fit well with our rustic, country style and turned out to be a great fit for us.

Advice for Other Couples

Less is more, definitely. We only had one maid of honor and one groomsman and could not have asked for better support throughout the process. We only had our close family to the ceremony and that made it so personal and private; it was really special. We planned it in three weeks, which may seem very stressful but it wasn't, by any means. We didn't spend a ton of money and we had everything we both could have wanted.

The Ceremony

Stephen's father performed the wedding ceremony, which was special to us.

The Flowers

We chose peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea, and cotton, tied with long trailing ribbons in various shades of green.

The Photography

Choosing our photographer was the very first decision we made and by far the easiest. Jenna is passionate about her profession and her work is flawless. We really felt that the wedding pictures were one of the most important things to focus on; food and flowers go away after the wedding day but we will be looking back at our wedding album for the rest of our lives. Jenna captured all the perfect moments to bring that day back to life each time we look at them. Plus, she's my sister! So of course she's awesome!

The Attire

I wore a lace fitted a-line wedding gown with a champagne satin slip and a key hole back, my maid of honor wore a three-quarter sleeved green knee length dress. The men wore dark charcoal wool jackets with white shirts, green ties, and black pants. Our ring bearer (my nephew) wore green corduroy pants and gray suspenders with a green bow tie (and chucks!) and the flower girl wore a green dress from Janie & Jack with black tights.

The Decor & Details

My sister surprised us by ordering the info graphic cards that were on top of every place setting with facts about Nebraska... that was awesome! We also made all the table arrangements ourselves using found elements such as cedar branches, magnolia leaves, and pine cones, along with black and silver lanterns as centerpieces.

The Budget

We planned this wedding in 3 weeks with about $8,000 and, if I do say so myself, it was magical! We got really awesome deals on the dress and the jackets that the groom and best man wore. We spent the most money on the food and the open bar but that was worth every penny.

The Refreshments

We had a buffet dinner featuring grilled chicken kabobs, pork tenderloin sandwiches, meatballs, a cheese and fruit plate, ham biscuits, spinach and artichoke dip, cheese grits with all the toppings and our wedding cake was vanilla with white icing.

Favourite Memories

My favorite moment of the wedding was during the ceremony when my husband kissed me before "the kiss"! That's such a typical thing to do for him and for us both.

We sort of went about this process all backwards; we planned a wedding before we got 'engaged', we picked a venue before we ever saw it in person, we got married and THEN had wedding showers, we kissed before my father-in-law announced 'to kiss the bride'- it was all backwards but it was just perfect!

Wow. Just wow. Can you believe this was all organised in just three weeks. It's insane! And normally if a wedding is planned in that time, I'd expect a couple to have to throw money at it, but they managed to do it on a budget too - incredible.

Thanks so much to the amazing maid of honour meets masterful photographer Jenna Henderson, and of course, wedding planning superstars, Sara and Stephen - best of luck in your new Nebraska home!

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