How NOT to Lose Your Engagement Ring

How NOT to Lose Your Engagement Ring


Along with handwritten vows, few things get our hearts pounding like romantic proposals and engagement rings. If you are one of thousands of lucky girls who, during the last holiday season, got an engagement ring, you may be wondering how to keep your precious bauble safe. Well, we've got good news for you, my friend! Jewelers Mutual® Insurance Company, the experts at protecting jewelry, had gave us the scoop on the best and easiest ways to protect engagement rings and we are so nice, that we're sharing this useful info with you!

The Most Dangerous Accessory of All

In many parts of the country, gloves are essential accessories during the winter. What many people don't know is that these innocent-looking accessories are mischief-makers in disguise, stealing rings and damaging jewelry. Glove interiors snag ring prongs. Diamonds and other gemstones become loose and may get lost. Just yesterday one of my favorite statement rings got caught on my brand new gloves and both the gloves and the ring were damaged - thank goodness it wasn't my wedding ring!

In addition, since your fingers shrink when it's cold, rings can slip off easily when removing gloves.

What can you do? Simply be mindful when removing your gloves. And if you're traveling remove them before you go through security at the airport, when you're not feeling rushed to get through quickly. Never place jewelry in checked luggage, wear or carry your jewelry with you, or better yet don't bring it at all.

Get your Ring Insured.

The best way to protect your engagement ring in summer, winter and any weather in-between is to insure it! This is one of the first things we suggest doing after getting engaged. You can do it through your homeowners, although many policies limit basic coverage to $1,000 and often don't cover things like mysterious disappearance, so stay informed. Or you could use Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual with 101 years of experience in the jewelry industry, they're a wonderful resource for keeping your ring protected. They strive to replace your ring with same kind and quality and encourage you to work with jeweler of your choice when getting your piece repaired or replaced. To give you peace of mind, Jewelers Mutual's policy has world-wide coverage and they protect your ring against pretty much everything, from loss and theft to damage and mysterious disappearance.

Learn more aboutJewelers Mutual Insurance Company, how it can help you, and get a free quote today!
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