35 Rustic Wedding Card Boxes And Their Alternatives - Weddingomania

35 Rustic Wedding Card Boxes And Their Alternatives - Weddingomania


Rustic weddings are super popular ones, they are relaxing and joyful, they don't require too much money to organize and everyone feels comfortable and cozy. You'll need a lot of décor including the smallest details, and today I'd like to inspire you with one of such details - I'm sharing a bunch of ideas for rustic wedding card boxes.

Rustic wedding card boxes can be different, and these aren't always boxes, you can find more alternatives that catch an eye. Baskets, wooden crates, barrels, milk churns, logs, suitcases, mailboxes - you can get whatever you like! A huge advantage of such boxes is that you can easily repurpose some old thing or renovate it into a card box.

Wooden Boxes And Crates

Wooden boxes and crates are very popular for wedding card boxes. You can take a usual crate and whitewash or paint it and use as a card box. You may also make a wooden box, stain it or leave as it is, or attach your photos to it and get a cool piece. Decorate your boxes with banners and buntings of burlap, with calligraphy, bows and lace. Actually, you can rock a cool wire basket with a handle, too, it's not wooden but still a rustic one.

Baskets And Buckets

A basket is a cute rustic wedding card box, it can be a usual one or a woven box with a lid decorated with greenery, flowers and a banner. You may also take a wooden bucket to use it as a box - so eye-catchy and creative!


A vintage suitcase is a great idea not only for a rustic but also for a vintage wedding. Find a vintage suitcase and paint it if needed, add some romantic pastel or floral lining, add a banner or some flowers. You can cover it with fabric or leather if you want and rock as a card box, it's such a creative idea!


Old mailboxes can be used as rustic card boxes, they can be painted and decorated with greenery, flowers and lace. Banners, burlap bows and calligraphy can be also used for décor. Such card boxes can also fit a vintage-inspired wedding.

Other Ideas

Among other most popular ideas I can name wooden logs that are cut inside and turned into card boxes, milk churns, wine barrels, which are good for both vineyard and rustic weddings. Find a wooden lantern with rope and use it for wedding cards.

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