Secret Garden Wedding Shoot In A Lost Orangery - Weddingomania

Secret Garden Wedding Shoot In A Lost Orangery - Weddingomania


Looking for garden wedding inspiration? We've got an amazing shoot for you! The team behind this secret garden wedding shoot was inspired by an English rose who also happened to be the Lady of the Manor fell deeply in love with the devilishly handsome groundsman. After a whirlwind romance, they sealed their love in an intimate ceremony within the Lost Orangery.

This Lost Orangery is hidden among the Wiltshire countryside is a delicious piece of Italy. This exclusive wedding venue is a true gem. If you are looking to plan a unique day with surprises around each corner for your guests then Valentina's Lost Orangery in Wiltshire UK is just a dream! A glorious sunny day at The Lost Orangery makes it hard to believe you are not deep among the Italian countryside.

This elegant setting added a warm Mediterranean feel to the day. It truly felt like we had been transported to sunny Italy. Hints of burgundy throughout this inspiration shoot paired with a romantic, floaty wedding gown designed specifically for this inspiration shoot by the very talented Cherry Williams added a touch of femininity and softness perfectly complimenting the fine art photography approach.

Beautiful flowers and styling from the lovely Firenza Floral Design featured throughout the entire day. Fiona's floral arrangements looked like they had come straight out of a painting.

The bride was wearing a beautiful V-neck flowy wedding dress and a veil, and the groom rocked a marsala-colored jacket that looked lovely and matched the colors of the wedding.

This shoot is a fantastic source of inspiration for those who are going to have a late summer or fall garden wedding because marsala fits these season like no other color, get inspired!

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