4 Trendiest Cake Types And 38 Examples - Weddingomania

4 Trendiest Cake Types And 38 Examples - Weddingomania


A wedding cake is not only the main dessert, it's also a part of décor and your wedding theme, and cakes are often featured in wedding photo shoots for this reason. Choosing a proper cake can be tricky, especially if you are looking for something unique and eye-catching. Today we are sharing the trendiest wedding cake ideas that will definitely make a statement, and I'm sure that every couple will find something creative here.

Geode Wedding Cakes

Geode wedding décor is a super hot trend right now, it's especially loved by couples that want a modern or even minimalist wedding. Geode wedding cakes remind of real precious stones, they seem to be broken and you see bold rocks inside, such cakes look so adorable that your guests will never forget them! There are lots of ideas to decorate your plain cake with geode inserts, they can be of any colors you like: pink, purple, emerald, turquoise, blue or red, the inserts can be of any shape and you can get as many as you want. Accentuate your geodes with a metallic edge - gold, copper or silver. One more stunning idea is combining two hot trends in one: marble and geodes, looks very cool!

Drip wedding cakes are amazing for boho chic, rustic, spring, summer or fall weddings of various kinds. Such cakes can be usual, dirty frosted, naked or any other, and the drippings may be caramel, chocolate or just sweet. These can be topped and decorated according to your wedding style and colors: with pinecones and berries, with macarons and flowers, with gilded chocolate candies, with nuts and berries and so on, colors and flavors are totally up to you. Drip wedding cakes look extremely yummy, and your guests' mouths will water immediately!

Marble surfaces, whether they are real ones or not, look stunning, that's why marble wedding cakes are so fashionable today. You can order various shades: grey, blue, black, peach, pink or any other and the intensity, too - a more intense look or a lighter one. Topped with flowers, leaves, geometric and calligraphy cake toppers, decorated with gold leaf or just some sparkles, such cakes stand out. Marble wedding cakes are great for many different types of weddings, from rustic to modern ones, so look at them and choose.

This is a popular type of naked cakes, they look a bit messy but very tasty and eye-catching. These cakes are stunning for rustic, glam, woodland, boho and backyard weddings, and you can find lots of types of décor and toppers. Try fresh fruit and berries, flowers to decorate the cake, or calligraphy cake toppers, or mix several ideas; you can also opt for dripping dirty frosted cakes, they look super yummy and comprise two hot trends in one.

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