Gentle DIY Boutonniere With A Rose | Weddingomania

Gentle DIY Boutonniere With A Rose | Weddingomania


It's a classical and simple boutonniere, but it's very gentle and cute! Let's make it! You'll need an assortment of small greens and one floral bud (silver brunia, eucalyptus, pink geraldine rose, a rhododendron tip) and supplies as floral knife, floral tape. First gather all of the florals and supplies. The main flower will be a single stem partially open bloom or bud, and then you will have different heights of greenery surrounding it. After you have decided on the order of the greenery, trim accordingly with the furthermost back piece of greenery having the longest stem, so it peaks out at the top of the boutonniere. The order of this example boutonniere has eucalyptus, rhododendron tip, pink geraldine rose and then a bit of silver brunia on the top. Next steps of the instruction are here.

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