A Floral Romance by Vivid Blue Photography | SouthBound Bride

A Floral Romance by Vivid Blue Photography | SouthBound Bride


Isn't it an amazing thing how a smell can instantly take you back to a time and place, or remind you of a person or a feeling? Someone just has to spritz Issy Miyake in my direction and I'm instantly 20 again, getting ready for a night out at Stellenbosch (if only I still looked 20, but that's another story!). Today's bride not only filled her elegant reception with enough beautiful flowers that they'd give off the scent of a small garden, but gave each of her female guests perfume to spray, so the whole room was filled with a delicious scent that none of them would ever forget. I love the romance of that, and romance is exactly what Kerry and Marinus' wedding delivered, from Kerry's spectacular lace dress, to the Oyster Box location, to the soft pink lighting that infused the scented reception. And all of it was captured to absolute perfection by SBB fave, Vivid Blue Photography. Oh, and PS - flash mob proposal! Wow. :)

The Oyster Box has always been a special place to me. As a child I remember telling my parents that I would one day be married there, so when the time came there was no question. When we told my parents that Marinus and I were getting married, Mom and Dad didn't even have to ask where the reception would be - they just knew! Wedding Details
We wanted our wedding to be a true celebration of our journey. The 65 guests were all close family and friends, all of whom had touched our lives in some way, making the wedding intimate and personal. We wanted an elegant affair with a traditional feel, which wasn't too formal, so that our guests could relax, enjoy the day and celebrate with us.
I'm not sure if this is a South African tradition, but at every wedding I can remember going to as a child, it was traditional to be given pink and white almonds as the wedding favours. The almonds signify health, wealth, longevity, fertility and happiness. My Mom insisted on them, and Marinus' brother sourced the most divine ones from Dubai for us. Instead of turning these into wedding favours, I added them to each table as part of the décor. Such a pretty nod to tradition!

The St James Church was also a special venue because it was the only Church that would allow my new father-in-law to officiate the ceremony. They also allowed us to release 150 butterflies into the air as we left the church. Such a beautiful sight! We loved the idea of the butterflies symbolising new beginnings, good fortune and joy.

You can see more from this wedding on the Vivid Blue blog.

Venue & catering: The Oyster Box Hotel | Photography: Vivid Blue Photography | Co-ordination: Ginny Eslick at The Oyster Box Hotel | Cake: Cupcake D'lights | Flowers & décor: Lee Murch | Stationery: Crystal Print | Ceremony venue: St. James Church | Bride's dress: Francois Vedemme |Hair: Drew Christie | Make-up: Charelle McAllister | Groom's attire: Bagozza | DJ: Vivien Westergreen

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