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"A few months after meeting Spencer, things took a turn for the worse. My dad had been living with cancer for five years at that point, and in October, the doctors told us there was nothing else they could do. I felt like my life was over - I couldn't even begin to imagine life without him. I told Spencer he didn't have to stick around as we'd only been dating for four months, but he stood by my side and cared for me and my dad through the worst moments of our lives. My dad ended up loving Spencer and I knew he wanted to see him become a part of the family. I also knew he wanted to see us engaged before he passed, but I didn't want to ask anything more of Spencer. When the doctors told us how much time he had, my dad said he wanted to take one last trip together. He picked Disneyland and so of course, when were were there, we went in front of the castle and took tons of family photos. At the end of the pictures, in front of everyone, Spencer grabbed my hands and turned me to face him. I went numb. I knew what was coming, and I could not believe he was making my (and my dad's) dream come true... The next day, we made the long drive home back to Oregon, and that morning, as unexpected as anything, my daddy passed on into heaven..." You actually need to read and watch the whole story (we summarized it, and there's a video). Link is in our profile

مصدر : https://www.instagram.com/p/brcyu4zahfr

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