“Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light.” -Nikki Rowe The words that inspired this shoot that we art directed for @donnyzavalaphotography’s workshop in Hawaii. I’ve got goosebumps right now just thinking how much these words are resonating with a lot of us right now. One of my all time favorite work and picture because it represents a pivotal moment in my life. I haven’t told many about this, but this shoot was inspired during a time I was mourning the passing of my father. Internally, I had this vision in my mind that I wanted to create a moment that captured a woman that was stronger than what I was feeling at that moment. A woman filled with light, giving grace, possibilities, big dreams, joy, heart loving, and brave. A woman that I was struggling to be after the most important man in my life has passed. And today? Yes, I can finally say I see a piece of me in her. I want to reach across the screen and give you hope during this life changing time we’re all going through. Hope that this will all pass. But real hope that what God has planned for you is bigger, better, and brighter than where you are right now. It’s ok that you don’t understand why this is happening. Repeat after me, “Trust in Him”. I want to reach out and give you some sense of security and certainty. I don’t know how? Or what that looks like? But the last weeks I’ve been working more than I have ever before, on pivoting my vision for this business to help you where you are. A question that’s been on my mind - what’s possible during this time? Tomorrow, I want to invite you to my next IG Live. I’ll be jumping on with the incredible photographer of this image @donnyzavalaphotography at 9:30am PST - to talk about all this and more. Photographers can see beauty in ways that we can’t see so I can’t wait to dive in a deeper conversation with Donny, and with you, as we all navigate this season. I hope you’ll join us. Comment with a big “YES” to let me know you will ❤️

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