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Wedding Hair Essex & Suffolk

So when I arrive on the day, which can sometimes be as early as 6am! Yes it’s not a typo 6am! I’m usually greeted with sleepy but happy faces! I’ll have emailed you your timings for the morning so we crack on with prep then styling, with my assistant helping if there’s a large party of you. Hopefully we get you all ready in one place but ALOT of venues won’t let you in until a certain time! This is worth asking about when you’re enquiring at potential venues, as it can end up being an extra cost with you having to get a hotel room for the night if you’re not allowed in till 9/ 10am as everyone needs time to be styled, this also means starting even earlier as we have to allow time to travel half way through styling to get to the venue! #headache but we are used to it! Anyway I digress! It’s always a fun morning with you all getting into your dresses and drinking a glass(or 2) of bubbles. I stay until your veil is in place and your ready to go get married!

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