Cherry Nails!

Link to my spanish channel: Link to my FB page: Link to video tutorial on how to make your own cuticle oil at home step by step Link to my nail art supplies / work room tour video: Link to my how to video where I share my tips on for growing long natural nails: Link to video that I documented my nail growth for a 3 month period : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today we'll be working on an easy fruity nail art design tutorial. If you have short nails this pattern will also look super cute. Have a Great Week & I'll See You Thursday! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tools I used for this nail art design: White color is by Apple Barrel Red color I used to paint french manicure is by Folk Art called Calico Red. Green color is by Apple Barrel name is Forest Green Black color is by Apple Barrel Crystal in size 3mm I bought at Walmart Brush ~ American painter 18/0 Large Dotting Tool Topcoat Mia Secret ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Royalty Free Music Provided by [email protected] Track Tittle "Forever Beleive" You can find this track at 귀여운 바캉스 네일아트

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