Rivini ريتا Vinieris ربيع عام 2015 - نيويورك العرسان - وراء الكواليس، ومقابلات المدرج

Rivini Rita Vinieris Spring 2015 - New York Bridal - Backstage, Interviews & Runway | Videofashion SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/videofashion Rita Vinieris' Spring 2015 bridal gowns for her Rivini Rita Vinieris collection played with variations of tone. She wondered how precious memories were saved in the days before cameras, which is what let her to photograms, which inspired the collection. She closed the show with models grabbing editors from the front row in order to take "selfies" with them and tag the photos, RiviniSelfie. Comment on Facebook: facebook.com/videofashiondaily Follow us on Twitter: @Videofashion Check out our Tumblr: videofashion.tumblr.com/ Read our blog: videofashion.wordpress.com Visit our AOL: on.aol.com/studio/videofashion www.videofashion.com #RiviniSelfie

مصدر : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxgnqei4dgw

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