DIY مسمار البولندية مزيل جرة

2nd youtube channel: Follow me! | FB: | TWITTER:!/qtplace | Instagram: | Day 10 and my I'm still not 100% healthy so still no voice over. I hope I will feel better tomorrow and finally start with the voice overs again! For today, I will show you another DIY. Nail polish jars are so handy but they're not always cheap. I decided to show you how you can easily create them yourself. It's easy and cheap! What you need: Empty jar Nail polish remover Any kind of sponge Scissors Nail polish to test the project I like using these jars because their are quick and easy. I like that I created my own version. Would you try this technique? Music by: song: Son of a rocket Follow me! | FB: | TWITTER:!/qtplace | Instagram: |

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