How To Paint A Black Lace Pattern On Your Nails

Hello! Happy Friday! This week went by super fast for me :) Today I bring you a romantic nail decoration. These can also easily be done with a stamping kit, or even stickers. But you can also free hand it, it's all about going into tiny detail, by no means do I think it should take a super long time, you can just add one detailed accent nail, like I did with this nail art design. The rest of your 9 nails can just have the regular fishnet lace pattern. I hope you guys like these. Have An Awesome Friday! List of product brands I used to paint this manicure tutorial Beigh nail polish is by NK called Sheer Pink Black acrylic paint is by Apple Barrel in Black Striper brush is in size short by Amazing Shine Liner brush is by American Painter in size 18/0 Topcoat is by Beauty Secrets Royalty Free Music: Silent Partner Song Title: Every Step ( Youtube Audio Library )

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