How To Tiger Nails ~ Tutorial

Link Para Mi Pagina En Español: Hello You Guys!!! I was looking threw my video files & found sevaral older videos I've never had the chance to upload, & I decided to upload this one. This nail art design can be done in any color scheme for an added Punch! Big Hugs Guys ~ & Have An Awesome Rest Of The Week ~ List of product brands I used for this nail decoration White nail polish is by Santee in White Yellow colored nail polish is by Klean Color called Neon Yellow Orange nail polish is by Nabi by name Orange Gold Nail Polish is by Klean Color called Gold Bright Make up sponge Copper nail art polish is by Ink & its called Beige Pearl, this one was a gift & I'm not sure where it was purchased. Glitter Polish I used is by Sinful Colors called Smoking Hot Brush I used for painting my tiger stripes Loew-Cornell 18/0 Round Black color paint I used to paint my tiger stripes is by Apple Barrel in black Topcoat Seche Vite Music by - Song Tittle: Forest Rhythm Link To Website:

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