Nail art: Abstract Glitter Neon Nails

Please read the descriptionbox before asking any questions! - - Hi!! Happy thursday! I hope you are all doing good. I'm recently getting some comments on the fact that you guys want me to talk in my video's. I'm trying to do that. I've downloaded a voicerecorder (not the best, but it's ok). The problem is that i have 2 kids, and my husband who are practically always around. Meaning i don't have the privacy to record it...So please bare with me....when i can, i will :-) About this design, it's simple, bright and fun. I think everybody can do this... Even on short nails....which i did on a practice finger to show you, but i forgot to take a picture and include it in this video....duuhhh! Anyway, i hope you enjoy! Take care xx Feel free to subscribe and to be updated on new uploads! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------- Social media: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: All items are purchased with my own money, won in a nailart contest here on youtube, send to me for reviewing purposes or send to me as a gift. I'm not being payed by a company for showing these brands or telling their names. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music credits go to: Dan-o The song is called: SunSpark

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