30 Effortlessly Chic Wedding Dresses With Pockets - Weddingomania

30 Effortlessly Chic Wedding Dresses With Pockets - Weddingomania


Pockets are a detail that makes any piece of clothes more casual, more comfortable and relaxing and you feel at ease in it, plus you can put something there - they are also useful! Pockets can be placed on pants and jeans, skirts and shorts, cardigans and sweaters, blouses and shirts, even on swimwear but can you imagine pockets on a wedding dress? No? Then we are here to strike you and prove that such gowns are adorable!

Modern Plain Wedding Dresses

If you feel like a modern wedding dress with no special detailing, laconic and chic, or even casual and relaxed, with no lace and rhinestones, a pocket wedding dress is your thing. It can be a modern A-line one with thick straps and a plunging neckline, or a gorgeous plain ballgown with a pleated skirt and pockets or a trendy off the shoulder wedding gown - this is the hottest trend right now!


Bridal separates are one of the hottest trends that is here to stay, so don't hesitate to rock a bridal separate with pockets. It may be a lace or plain one, with a long skirt with a train or a plain high low one. The best idea is a full skirt, so it could hide the pockets and you may use them for storing something.

Short Dresses

A short dress can also have pockets, it will look relaxed and fresh! Take a lace bodice dress with a plain skirt and pockets, with illusion sleeves and a plunging neckline. For fashion-forward brides I can offer a shirt wedding gown with embellishments and lace appliques and an overskirt, which has sleeves.

Other Dresses

You can actually find any type of dress with pockets: boho and vintage-inspired, lace applique and floral print ones, with a plunging or a scoop neckline, with a train and without - all of them will look less formal and much cuter with pockets. If the skirt is full, you will easily hide the pockets and your things in them won't spoil your bridal look. But if the skirt is fitting, pockets look no less awesome, they accentuate the silhouette and show off your effortless style.

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