35 Eye-Catchy Swing Ideas For Outdoor Weddings - Weddingomania

35 Eye-Catchy Swing Ideas For Outdoor Weddings - Weddingomania


As the outdoor wedding season is on, outdoor settings and décor are super actual. Today I'd like to share an amazing idea that more and more couple opt for - a wedding swing. If there's no swing in your venue, you should definitely hang one! This is a gorgeous piece to take photos, especially bridal portraits, and your pics will be gentle and dreamy like no other! Swings can be different and used for different purposes, for example, as wedding backdrops, for taking unforgettable dreamy photos, for displaying food and drinks - let's take a closer look at them.


Swings are usually decorate with greenery, leaves and flowers of various kinds and colors, it's all up to you and your wedding color scheme. You can also add some touches of your wedding style: cover the seat with moss if it's a garden or woodland wedding, use thick rope for hanging for a rustic feel. Choose blooms and greenery according to the season: if it's a fall wedding, go for bold blooms, if it's spring go neutrals and blush. In case you opt for only greenery, create textural decor to make the swing more eye-catching. You can decorate just one side to make it more eye-catchy or cover the whole swing with lush flowers to make it look adorable. Awesome photos guaranteed!

Wreaths And Benches

A hanging bench can be a cool alternative to a usual swing, and it can easily accommodate the whole couple, not only the bride. Cover it with flowers and greenery and voila! Another super trendy idea is to rock an oversized wreath of greenery and flowers - it can work not only as a wedding backdrop but also as a swing for the bride, looks really jaw-dropping!


speaking about swings, I didn't mean only those, on which you can sit, I also meant some more creative ideas. A swing can be easily turned into a wedding cake display, or a hanging dessert table, or a cool hanging bar. You can also create such a display yourself hanging an antique mirror or maybe just a wooden plank to highlight what's displayed. This way you'll get eye-catchy décor that rocks!

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