Rustic Boho Wedding Inspired By The Scottish Highlands - Weddingomania

Rustic Boho Wedding Inspired By The Scottish Highlands - Weddingomania


This couple wanted to recreate the feel of an elopement in the Scottish Highlands, while still being able to celebrate with guests in the US. To make it happen, they headed to Aspen for a rustic bohemian wedding high in the Colorado mountains.

C + J headed up to the mountains (after lots of searching for a spot that had a path and habitat that could support 50 guests) for the ceremony and celebrated with 80 friends and family during the reception at a family member's house that eve.

As you can imagine, the trees, mountains, and river created such a dreamy natural backdrop that they didn't need much decor. But they brought in a few lounge areas and bohemian accents for guests to get cozy around.

The bride's dad and groom made the bar and banquet tables the day before. The groom's brother made a fire put on which they roasted legs of mutton from the bride's mother's farm. The bridal party made the bouquets the morning of the ceremony. There were no place settings or DJs, no first dances or bouquet tosses. Just a bonfire, some nooks, amazing Moroccan-inspired food, and people the couple loves.

I'd like to pay tribute to the bridal look: it was gorgeous and really unique. She was rocking a gold lace applique maxi dress with long sleeves and a matching veil plus a tiara, I think that her look was medieval-inspired. The groom was wearing a brown suit and a yellow polka dot tie. The bridesmaids were wearing colorful printed dresses with long sleeves that also looked vintage. Enjoy the pics of this wedding below!

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