Concealing vs. Color Correcting |

Concealing vs. Color Correcting |


We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who gives us the lowdown on concealers versus color correctors.

Blemishes, sun spots and age spots are all harsh skincare realities that we try to avoid like no other. While perfect skin is sometimes a full-time job to maintain, concealing and color correcting make the job a little easier. That being said, the two coverage methods are different and address different issues. To help you better understand the distinction between the two, here's the basics of what you should know about concealers and color correctors. Get ready for flawless skin!

Concealer is typically used to hide small breakouts or blemishes and correct dark circles, as well as highlight places on the face you want to stand out. When using concealer, you want to make sure that you use a concealer brush or beauty blender to make sure the color blends in well with your skin tone and looks completely natural. Avoid using concealer that has a shimmery finish to it, as this can tend to make you look greasy.

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Color Correctors

If you're dealing with a more serious skin issue like melasma, rosacea or acne scars, color correctors are for you. Color correctors come in various shades that address specific issues. If you have red undertones, you can use a green or soft pink correcting tone to neutralize. Yellow corrector works well with dark circles, and peach-toned correctors can help balance out darker brown spots. Using these specific products requires laying some extra groundwork to allow the concealer to look natural. When using a color corrector, apply foundation first, followed by the appropriate color correcting product and then concealer. Blend concealer on top with a foundation brush or beauty blender.

Product Recommendations: NYX Concealer Stick in Green, Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer in Yellow, Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer

What are some ways you conceal and color correct your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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