Refined Crystal And Geode Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania

Refined Crystal And Geode Wedding Shoot - Weddingomania


Crystals and geodes are one of the hottest trends in the wedding world now, they are chic and refined and can add a gorgeous touch to any wedding, from art deco to minimalist. Today's wedding shoot will inspire you to use them on your big day - rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, and they aren't tacky, they are perfect and tasteful!

This unique styled wedding shoot takes inspiration from various crystals and geodes. Tones of amethyst and gold weave seamlessly throughout the design and are captured perfectly by both the floral design and also in the gold-dipped fig spice cake, along with her amethyst candy covered cupcakes.

Incorporating raw gemstones can elevate both the look and mood of any wedding. From bare crystals, to stones sewn into or added to your trousseau, to show-stopping unique jewelry, to those amazing sliced agate name cards, adding touches of this stunning organic element to your day can be equal parts playful and elegant. Copper piping pieces can be purchased and cut to order from most home improvement stores. 4 longer pieces and 4 shorter pieces can be easily wired together for your desired size and as stunning piece of sculptural art to seal your vows under.

The bride was wearing a chic strapless grey wedding gown with a bodice decorated with crystals, and various accessories: amethyst rings, an amethyst crown, a geode slice bracelet and a cool rose quartz necklace. All of them are statement ones, and you can choose any of them to make your look refined. Look at the photos and get inspired to incorporate crystals into your wedidng decor!

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