35 Eye-Catchy Summer Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania

35 Eye-Catchy Summer Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania


The summer wedding season is coming closer and closer, and I bet you have almost everything ready. It's high time to invite your guests for your big day, and I've prepared a whole bunch of adorable ideas for summer wedding stationary!

The most popular motifs are flowers, botanicals, fruits and berries because they scream summer like no other; they can be mixed with each other or you can try just one idea not to get an excessive look. You can rock bold or soft pastel shades, it's up to your wedding color scheme, or even try neutrals with just some colorful envelope lining. Don't be afraid to personalize your stationary in various ways to highlight the theme and style of your wedding.

Flower Wedding Stationary

Flowers are traditional for wedding stationary, and you can choose pastel or bold flowers for your wedding, it depends on your color scheme. The flowers may be realistic or watercolor ones, they can be mixed with fruits or botanical prints. If you've chosen bold florals, try kraft paper envelopes for a contrast. Soft pastel flowers can be complemented with soft pastel envelopes for a cute look. there are a lot of styles and shades to choose from, so rock what you like most.

Botanical Wedding Stationary

Botanical prints are another great idea for a summer or a spring-sumemr wedding, they will be a perfect match for a garden, woodland or rustic wedding. Go for cute watercolor botanicals for a cool and fresh look, add pastel or kraft paper envelopes and voila! Choose greens, greys, blues and maybe browns for a fresh botanical feel. Botanicals look nice with fruits and flowers, so add some if you want.

Fruit Wedding Stationary

Fruit wedding stationary is often rocked for tropical weddings but you can also rock such invites for just summer big days, especially if your wedding takes place in a fruit grove. Opt for citrus, peaches, apricots, apples and other fruits, mix them with flowers and leaves. Such wedding stationary is usually bold - yellow, green, red, peachy, orange and so on, but you can try softer shades, too, such invites will look a bit retro.

Other Ideas

If you don't want any prints, try just watercoloring, in the soft shades of your wedding, it always works. Neutrals will be to the point at any wedding, and bold lining and framing will remind everyone that it's a summer wedding - polka dots, flower prints and stripes will be a nice idea - you don't need much, just a couple of touches for a chic look. Acrylic wedding stationary is also popular, so you can rock some in a box with leaves or petals to embrace the season.

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