34 Seaside And Coastal Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania

34 Seaside And Coastal Wedding Stationary Ideas - Weddingomania


Every detail of your wedding should be perfect and matching, no matter how small it is. Stationary is one of elements, which is often underestimated, while wedding invites, for example, will help your guests to figure out what wedding you will have and create an impression. Today I'd like tp share some stationary ideas for seaside, beach and coastal weddings, which will amaze your guests and will help them to imagine your nuptials.

The most popular ideas are going neutrals, trying watercolor or just rocking classical nautical wedding theme. Watercolor is a huge trend, neutrals loook awesome and timeless, and nautical stationary and decor is classics. Let's have a look at some examples to choose from.

Watercolor Stationary

Watercolor décor is very dreamy and popular now, and nothing can remind you better of sea waves than beautiful watercolor wedding stationary. Choose any shades you like: grey, green, off white, blues, purples or mix them all as you want and get something really amazing. Such stationary can be moody with dark navy and teal tones or light-colored with dusty blue and light grey, and you can make it even more special attaching driftwood or shell pieces to each invitation. There are also colorful options for thos eof you who want to go bold, and here we advise to choose blues to remind of the sea. Try to rock different envelopes and invitations, or at least interesting envelope lining, it looks cool!

Neutral Stationary

Neutrals and very light pastels are super actual for any seaside wedding, and of course we recommend to rock ocean-inspired colors: light greys, blues, greens, off white tones and maybe even blush. You can rock only colored envelopes and white invites or go for various sea-inspired shades for various parts of the stationary and try some refined calligraphy. You'll get a beautiful and romantic stationary set! Attach shells, pearls, sea glass and rope or some delicate neutral ribbon to make your neutral invites more dreamy and beautiful.

Other Ideas

Nautical wedding stationary is a cool and chic idea if you have such a wedding theme. This is pure elegance: navy and white, with maybe touches of gold and traditional ocean-inspired prints. You can also try various colored stationary with sea-inspired prints: rock teal and turquoise with antique-inspired stamps and rope for a gorgeous look or go for neutral invites and bold envelopes with coral prints - such stationary is number one for cheerful and relaxed beach nuptials. Seaglass and agate inspired stationary is also great because it symbolizes the sea. Actually, there are much more variants and you can mix several ideas in one to get a perfect invitation and envelope, get inspired!

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