37 Red Touches For Your Valentine's Day Wedding - Weddingomania

37 Red Touches For Your Valentine's Day Wedding - Weddingomania


Valentine's Day is perhaps the most romantic day of the year when it's so pleasant to spoil your love with some gift to show once again how much you love this person! Engagements and weddings on this day just breathe with romance and eternal love, and today I'd like to give some ideas to those of you who are getting married on this day. Red is the colors of passion and love, and we just can't imagine Valentine's Day without this color, so you need to add it to your big day.


Whatever wedding style and theme you choose, there's no wedding without flowers, and I can say that there's no Valentine's Day wedding without red flowers! They aren't boring or banal, these are classics, and if you don't want a red rose bouquet, there are many more ways to add bold red flowers to your big day décor. Make a bold red floral arch, a heart-shaped floral backdrop or wreath for wedding décor and to have amazing pictures. Hang flowers over the reception and on the chandeliers to achieve a cool romantic look. Add some red flowers to your own bouquet, for example, ranunculus and peonies.

Bridal Look

Are you a daring bride? If yes, then rock a stunning red wedding dress. Red isn't only a bold statement, it's a popular color for non-white wedding gowns, your look will be timeless. Put on a strapless ball gown or a mermaid one to feel not a princess but a queen! If you still want a more traditional color for your dress, try red heels, some pretty whimsy ones. Another idea is rocking bold red lips and nails, which will look awesome with your red bouquet.

Wedding Treats

Strawberries are very romantic, we often serve them for romantic dinners and picnics just for two, so why not incorporate them into your wedding menu? Serve strawberries with whipped cream, various desserts and puddings, or shortcake on skewers. Decorate your wedding cake with red touches: flowers or strawberries, a quilling heart or ribbon. You can take a simplest neutral wedding cake and top it with bold red flowers for a romantic feel.

Other Ideas

Dress up your girls in red, give everybody heart-shaped red balloons and heart-shaped red confetti. There are many more ways to add cool red touches to your wedding with style, so they wouldn't look boring or hacky. Turn on your cretivity and have the most romantic Valentine's Day wedding ever!

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