43 Creative Mirror Wedding Décor Ideas - Weddingomania

43 Creative Mirror Wedding Décor Ideas - Weddingomania


We are looking for more and more creative wedding décor ideas that wouldn't cost a lot but still were cool and unusual. Today I'd like to tell about mirrors. They can be used for wedding décor in various creative ways, and they are suitable for any wedding themes and styles, from art déco and vintage to modern and minimalist. if you have a couple of antique or modern ones, it's high time to find out how to rock them.

Seating Charts, Programs And Signs

A medium, large or oversized mirror is ideal for making a seating chart or plan, or a program. Does your mirror have a beautiful frame? If yes, just spray paint it or leave as it is. If not, consider framing the mirror to make it more beautiful and make placing it somewhere easier and safer. Then just take paint of your choice (white is the most popular choice because it can be clearly seen) and write your seating chart on the mirror. Calligraphy handwriting is the most refined. Place your mirror where you need it, put it right on the floor or on a stand. Decorate the chart the way you want it, for example, add a lush greenery and flower garland or just put some foliage on the corner. Surround it with candles, the mirror will reflect the light.

For signs you can get a mirror of any size: from small to oversized, it's up to you. Here the frame isn't really necessary but still will look amazing. Write the words you need with paint and put or hang your mirror where you want it. Decorate the piece with leaves and flowers if you want.

Table Décor

Mirrors are great for centerpieces: place your candle holders, a vase with flowers and succulents and whatever you want else on a mirror. The mirror will reflect the light and make the centerpiece more eye-catching. Try a mirror vase, it looks very modern and eye-catching. Mirror table runners are another great option, if you place flower vases on them, the flowers will seem to multiply.

Backdrops And Displays

Vintage mirrors in frames are also great for creating backdrops. Hang some mirrors behind the dessert table or the reception, mirrors can also add charm to your wedding ceremony spot. Decorate the mirrors with flowers, add candles nearby to multiply the light and enjoy the effect produced!

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