Eclectic Halloween Wedding With Personalized Touches - Weddingomania

Eclectic Halloween Wedding With Personalized Touches - Weddingomania


Those of you who will have a Halloween wedding are already preparing intensively and I think that this wedding may be a source of inspiration if you want your big day to be personalized and a bit fun. Linda and Decky's October 31st wedding was themed around Halloween but they also wanted to make it personal too, so it turned out to be eclectic.

The first part of the wedding was more formal, with elegant attire and no hint on the holiday when it took place. The bride was wearing a stunning white dress, the groom was rocking a black suit with an orange tie, and the bridesmaids were dressed in burgundy and gold dresses. But then the bride and groom spoilt their looks with faux blood and the fun began!

The whole wedding was organized and decorated by themselves, with lots of DIY projects, so it didn't cost them a pretty penny. They decorated the entire function room and church on their own; they also collected jam jars for two years that were then dressed in lace and ribbon and scattered around. The couple sprayed wine bottles with gold, printed and designed our own order of service, designed and made their own table plan and guestbook tree, and cut all their own flowers. The bride's mother made her own spooky themed shortbread for the evening do and her sister made Halloween themed cupcakes.

You'll see lots of traditional Halloween things in these pics: jack-o-lanterns, spooky skeleton hands and other stuff that you may easily find for your Halloween party - it's also suitable for weddings. Look at the ideas below and save something for your spooky big day!

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