23 Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket At Your Wedding - Weddingomania

23 Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket At Your Wedding - Weddingomania


Fall is coming and fall wedding preparations are in the full swing, and you still don't know what to wear as a coverup? I've got a brilliant idea for you that fits a lot of wedding styles and brides - this is a denim jacket. Can't believe it's a good idea? I'll convince you!

Denim Jackets

A denim jacket matches a lot of styles and types of weddings: city hall, rustic, farm, barn, rock-n-roll, beach, boho and many others. It looks good, especially if it's cropped, with a lot of wedding dresses. You can rock a ruffled, mermaid, vintage, boho and any other dress with a jacket over it. The contrast between this jacket and your romantic dress will give you a relaxed and somewhat casual look if paired with chucks, or a rustic lflavor if you wear it with cowboy boots.

Chambray Shirts

A chambray shirt here is another popular option that many brides choose. City hall brides love to rock a gorgeous tulle or lace skirt and a chambray shirt with a leather belt over it, it looks unusual and eye-catchy and helps to cut expenses on the dress. A chambray shirt also fits rustic brides very well paired with your gown, so if you found out that the weather won't be that good, take your favorite shirt.

So, denim jackets and chambray shirts are a popular choice to feel relaxed and chic on your big day, especially in the fall or spring, get inspired!

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