21 Excellent Ideas To Incorporate Wagon Wheels Into Your Wedding - Weddingomania

21 Excellent Ideas To Incorporate Wagon Wheels Into Your Wedding - Weddingomania


No doubt every wedding consists of little details (and sometimes we think that some of them aren't so important) and with a right combination of them we can get an absolutely adorable and memorable feast! So pay your attention to all décor elements and try to show your wedding theme through all of them.

Today I wanna share one more idea to decorate your wedding venues. This idea is brilliant for those who are planning country, barn or rustic weddings. If your main part of celebration will be outdoors, add wagon wheels to every piece of decor.

First of all, you can add a wagon wheel to various wedding signs. You can put it near any signs you want and decorate with fresh flowers or greenery or attach a plate with wedding date or initials of the groom and bride to the wagon wheel. Both ways look awesome!
Secondly, you can use wheels as décor additions for your photo shoot or ceremony backdrop. You can take several wheels at the same time and make a composition for your backdrop. I'm sure your wedding photos will be great.
One more idea of using a wagon wheel is to make a display for escort cards from it. All you need is to attach them to the wheel using a thread.

And of course let's talk about wedding desserts. You'll be surprised but you can use wagon wheels for them, too. For example, as a stand for a wedding cake or several cupcakes or just a decorative addition to a candy table.
But the most common and gorgeous idea is to make a hanging décor detail. For an indoor wedding you can hang it up to the ceiling, for outdoor ones - to the tree. Decorate a wagon wheel with flowers, greenery, candles or mason jars with bulbs.
Today you found out that wagon wheels are those décor details which will be perfect for almost every themed wedding. So now scroll down and get inspired!

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