Ethereal Minimalist Bridal Shoot With Soft Textures - Weddingomania

Ethereal Minimalist Bridal Shoot With Soft Textures - Weddingomania


This adorable bridal photo shoot was created by photographer Sally Pinera and Emme from Shop Gossamer. The creators were inspired by ethereal minimalism geared towards modernism: the perfect blend of soft, airy delicate designs with emphasis on geometric shapes, lines and essential forms. While we love the contrast that often comes along with a modern minimal design, the concept of an ethereal minimal wedding design gets us pretty excited: incorporating soft textures and ruffly blooms means the harshness that often comes along with a modern design is eradicated.

The bride looks like an angel: with a soft-toned natural makeup and a low messy ponytail she's so ethereal and so beautiful! This is a concept of natural beauty with no excessive makeup or unnatural details, except for the false eyelashes, which also look natural enough. Such a makeup is perfect for a summer bride: it's minimalist and very natural-looking, and in the heat using less makeup and keeping it simple is essential. Her gown is worth mentioning as a separate point: it's a flowy dress with a plunging neckline in neutral soft grey. The style is something between ballet and Greek-style, very feminine and ethereal, perfect for a fine art wedding. It doesn't have much detailing but this is a truly minimalist dress, which accentuates the bride at her best and compliments her figure, it's another awesome idea for a summer bride not to feel hot.

The shoot includes bridal boudoir parts, which are also styled in ethereal minimalism with shabby chic touches, it's an example of how to shoot a bridal boudoir in the style of a bride's morning. The bed decorated in neutral all-white tones became the background for the pics, and there are a lot of white flowers in plain glass vases to stick to the minimalist concept of the shoot. The bride is dressed up in vintage-inspired modest white lingerie, and the details - glasses, a book, cookies and milk - make the boudoir part even more peaceful yet playful. She really looks like she has just woken up and is getting ready for one of the best days in her life! If you want a bridal boudoir shoot but are afraid that it'll look too kitschy, realize the same idea as there's nothing tacky in such a bridal boudoir, everything looks fresh and beautiful.

The table setting is kept in the same minimalist all-white - white porcelain, a white tablecloth, white napkins and white flowers in plain mason jars. The shoot is full of ideas to steal for a neutral-colored spring or summer wedding.

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