The Best Makeup Tutorials for Your Best Self

The Best Makeup Tutorials for Your Best Self


We all have our strengths. Some of us can draw a cat eye that would have put Cleopatra to shame. Others are true artists when it comes to wielding a tube of lipstick to create a perfectly painted pout. And some of us? Well, some of us need a little help in each of these makeup departments. The beauty of makeup and, well, beauty is that they are constantly evolving and there's always something to learn and master. That's why we love it so much, right?

No matter where your strengths lie (like, say, in quantum physics rather than mascara application), we've brought you the best makeup tutorials on the Web. From five-minute makeup looks for the girl on-the-go and makeup primer basics, to contouring tips and a supermodel makeup look that will BLOW YOUR MIND, there's a little something for everyone! So whip out your makeup arsenal and brushes and get ready to have a little fun. We can't all be perfect at everything, but we sure can try!

Noses are funny things, aren't they? For some reason, they're always the first thing we notice when checking out photos of ourselves. No matter how we pose or position ourselves, we can't seem to make our noses look slimmer. Want to change the way your nose looks, just a little? Before you go under the knife, check out these tips from makeup pro Elyse Reneau.

Now's your time to get back at all those people who've called you "four eyes." Wearing makeup while wearing glasses isn't too different from any other makeup routine, but there are a few key steps to maximize your look. Show the world how fabulous glasses can be with this makeup tutorial!

You on-the-go gals would agree that finding makeup looks that seamlessly transition you from daytime "sweet" to nighttime "sleek" can be difficult. One always needs to come prepared with an entire arsenal of beauty products in their purse if they plan on hitting the town once the sun goes down. No need to pack your makeup bag to the brim, ladies! We have the perfect beauty plan to get you from sunrise to sunset (that doesn't require a ton of products)!

With the spring and summer months come softer, more natural looks that we just can't get enough of. Soft, curly 'dos, pastel shadows and lip glosses - we love it all! Whether you're a big city gal or beachy babe, the romantic, "country rose" look works for everybody! We have the perfect makeup tutorial that will totally turn heads at your next garden party!

What's your favorite MDC makeup tutorial? Share your go-to look in the comments below!

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