Unique Urban Meadow Wedding Inspiration | Weddingomania

Unique Urban Meadow Wedding Inspiration | Weddingomania


What will you do if you want an outdoor wedding but you are in the center of the city? This wedding shoot gives a right answer - urban meadow wedding inspired by summer flowers, rustic venues and lush greenery. A stunning rooftop urban meadow, perfect for all of you city brides and grooms, who want to incorporate a touch of verdant romance into your day, became a great place for the wedding. Flowing fabrics, lush greenery, and whimsical meadow creatures that were nestled between candles throughout the modern space helped to create a needed atmosphere. The color palette was warm in yellow buttercream, light peach, and sage green, and splashes of color were brought in throughout the tablescape. An airy backdrop was designed with flowers floating in test tubes, dangling from the beautiful greenery. Wow!

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