Let the Light Shine!

Let the Light Shine!


Happy Wednesday Peeps!

It's that time again when we hand you over to the lovely Rachel from Bride By The Beach for her latest update on planning her Ibiza wedding.

For those of you who are new to Festival Brides, Rachel writes her own fabulous wedding blog which is all centred around beach wedding inspiration and all things pretty. As beach weddings are the hot trend for 2014, we asked her to do some guest posts for us so you, our dear readers, can benefit from a bit of sun kissed wedding creativity.

Over to our Bride By The Beach...

Hola! Well I must apologise to you beautiful lot if this post is a little late. Who would have thunk that planning a wedding is like a second job? A fun one for sure but when you throw in training for a triathalon, spending time with the long suffering "Boy" and fitting in other social engagements, life can get a tad bit crazy!

However I haven't just been sitting on my bottom, watching Breaking Bad and eating Haagen Daas all this time (well... perhaps just last night), I have been furiously emailing our wedding co-ordinator in Ibiza to talk all lovely things on how to decorate our beachside venue. Now the view is glorious so we're very conscious that we don't want to take away from that. There are already some pretty fairy lights in place which I think is perfect and we've got something else planned for when the stars come out to play so I think we're good on the light front. However if you have blank canvas and looking to make your venue sparkle, what about some of these ideas?

Image Credit: Once Wed

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

How stunning are these strung up lights? If you are getting married outside and you can make use of the trees to create a canopy of little twinkling lights, then please, I beg thee - DO IT! And if the treeline is a little sparse then a few lightbulbs draped artfully from the branches can work just as well.

Now it can work just as well inside - what about a backdrop of light?

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

Image Credit: Amy Osaba

Image: Pinterest user Lovely Project

Also it doesn't have to be fairy lights - what about pretty lanterns that fit with the style of your wedding? Totally crushing on these bronze Moroccan lanterns:

Image Credit: The Knot

Or what about pastel coloured paper lanterns?

Imange Credit: Mod Vintage Life

And if you just can't string up any lights - perhaps focus the attention on just one drop dead gorgeous piece? Why not bring the inside out hang a chandelier? Prepare yourself, these are swoon-worthy.

Image Credit: LowePhotos

Image Credit: Lemademoiselleuk

Ooooohwee! Definitely so many creative ways to use light to help your love shine on your wedding day.

Next on the to do list, beauty moodboards for my make up artist. Until next time!


Bride by the Beach xxxx

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