Hard Candy Wedding Favors

Hard Candy Wedding Favors


Hard candy makes for very tasty wedding favors! You can pre-bag these sweet treats, or fill glass jars and let them choose their favorites.

These certainly aren't the lollipops you had growing up. From Arnold Palmers (above) to White Russians (below) these suckers are made for grown-up palettes.

But I think these gold-dusted champagne flavored ones are my fave. Wrap them up in clear bags and tie with sparkly gold and blush ribbon.

Having an Anglophile affair? These British candies will be perfect to send home with your guests, from cola (above, left) to sweet mint (above, right)

Carnival and boardwalk inspired weddings are still popular, especially in the summer. Stick with your sherbet color palette and warm weather theme and hand guests pretty old-fashioned candy sticks and rock candy.

Or maybe you just love the idea of your family and friends opening up a collection of candies when they get back to their hotel rooms. Fill Kraft paper bags with brightly colored candies and seal with a monogram sticker!

Credits: Arnold Palmer Lollipops//Champagne Lollipops//White Russian Lollipops//Cola Cubes//Humbugs//Candy Sticks//Rock Candy//Cut Rock//Rods//Twisted Fruit Candy

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