Wine Bottle Light

Wine Bottle Light


I have just come to realize that wine is the most sophisticated drink in the world. It has enough types to fit every taste and every pocket. A glass of wine suits any occasion, meal and dessert. For some time I had been trying to find the one that will please my palate, consequently, I was left with empty wine bottles and I opted not to put them directly in the bin. Handimania has already presented you how we upcycle containers in a decorative way. We use jars - Mason Jars Pendant Lamp, colanders - Colander Pendant Lamp and of course bottles - Wine Bottle Wall Vase.

This time I'd like to show you how Amanda from Wit and Whistle makes Wine Bottle Light . In her project, she uses a Christmas light set and a bottle. The idea is uncomplicated and looks better than you would have thought. One improvement which I would suggest is using LED light to prevent too much heat inside the bottle.

There are a lot things we throw to our garbage bins without thinking. Would you consider lessening the volume of litter by making a lamp out of an empty wine bottle? Feel free to share your wine bottle projects on our fan page.

There is a step-by-step tutorial of Wine Bottle Light available here.

What you need:


Supplies / ingredients:

  • Empty wine bottle
  • Short strand of Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end)

Do you have ideas how to upcycle wine bottles? - Karina

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