What Your First Beauty Buy of 2014 Says About You

What Your First Beauty Buy of 2014 Says About You


You've probably done your fair share of gift giving and getting over the past couple of weeks. If you're anything like us, that means a healthy dose of presenting yourself with tightly wrapped packages and more obvious Little Brown Bags. But with a new year upon us we're changing our ways-no more wild splurges or purchase justifications just because our favorite brand has twenty-five percent off site-wide. Turning a new leaf can be hard, so we're resolving that after one last splurge we'll close our wallets and only swipe our debit cards when necessary (new nail polish hues count, right?).

The first beauty buy of 2014 can speak volumes about a person-you can tell a lot about a woman by her signature nail shade, so why would her first makeup indulgence be any different? Luckily, we at MDC have a lot of practice identifying what those purchases mean; and we've got the skinny on what your lust for lipstick or luminizer says about you. We don't want to call these beauty horoscopes, but we can't deny that what we're about to tell you may shape your year a smidge.

Lipstick: You're a statement maker and the risk taker amongst friends. You'll take a night out on the town with a few cocktails over a night in watching New Girl any day. If your selection is a feminine berry like Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Lovelight , then you're bound to turn some heads and reign queen over someone's heart. If you're adding another vibrant red to your stash or taking the orange lip trend to a whole new level, then 2014 better watch out, because you'll be wreaking havoc all over this year.

Mascara: You're low maintenance and all about necessity. You know that if there is one thing you never leave the house without, it's mascara. Sure you may be trying a new wand, or seeking vampy lashes for your next photo op, but no matter your purchase purpose the fact is you enjoy focusing on life's 'musts' instead of its 'lusts'. Since you clearly understand the value of experiences, this is the year to pack your bag and explore a new land.

Beauty tools: You're no novice. You're experienced and like to do things by the book. You're tactful in all that you do and don't like getting messy. When your friends slather their evening base on with their hands you cringe a little. Whether simply picking up a new eyelash curler or investing in a MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, you'll avoid any trouble this year and look fabulous to boot.

Foundation: You're tame and always like to put your best foot forward. A fresh start is what you've needed for some time and with the slate wiped clean, you can set the foundation for life's next big move. This doesn't mean you seek constant change, but if you're hoping for a promotion soon, now might be the time to apply Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and head up to the big boss's office.

Blush: You're an optimist. You understand that a little rouge goes a long way and can brighten anyone's mood. You take care of those around you and never ask for anything in return. Replacing your favorite shade or bringing home NARS Realm of the Senses Blush Palette, it's time to let someone else help you-even with something as simple as outfit advice.

Perfume: You're a chameleon and enjoy reinventing yourself with each new scent. Every time you spritz a hint of citrus you become more powerful and driven. A pump of allows you to embrace classic beauty. Take these personas and make them your own this year. Whether you are keeping a deep dark secret or trying to win over potential in-laws, your fragrance will get you through it with flying colors.

What beauty buy did you start your year off with? Let us know in the comments below!

Photos: Viktor&Rolf, NARS, Urban Decay, Giorgio Armani, MAC, Lancome

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