Free wedding iPad app and How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

Free wedding iPad app and How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake


May 10, 2013 | Posted by: abi s

Many brides will already have some idea as to the flavor of the cake they want at their wedding reception but choosing the style and design can be a bit of a stressor. Use the free wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android to locate wedding cake vendors as well connect to the wedding website to view wedding cakes that others have used.

While most of it is purely your own personal preference, there are other things to consider when looking at wedding cakes. Here are a few tips to help you down the path to wedding cake bliss.

  1. Theme - The wedding cake should fit into the overall theme of the wedding. If you are having an elegant traditional wedding the cake should also reflect this.

  2. - This can be a major factor in the choice of wedding cakes. Every detail that you add to a basic cake will cost you extra. The more tiers you have the higher the price. Once you have a basic idea of the type of cake you want you can research prices and adjust the budget accordingly, or if the cake is too expensive you can make alterations until you have one that you like and can afford.

  3. Start early - Do not put this off, the longer you wait the fewer options you will have when it comes to wedding cake vendors. The ones that are popular will be booked many months in advance.

  4. Window shop - Today's version of this time honored tradition can be done from your computer or even your mobile device. Many bridal magazines will have an online website showcasing the same items they have in their hard copy. Look for inspiration on wedding websites like iwedplanner.

  5. Be open - There are many alternatives to the traditional wedding cake choices. Be open to these. Many are less expensive and will add fun and flair to the occasion.

  6. Tastings - One of the most important things you can do is to attend a cake tasting, once you have your Bakery picked. You would be surprised at the subtle difference in taste that is acquired based on creation technique. Just because the cake is billed as vanilla, chocolate or Strawberry the taste can be extremely different. You wouldn't buy a vehicle without a test drive, do not purchase a cake without tasting it first.

These basic tips can help you narrow down the field and zero in on the perfect wedding cake solution that suits your style and budget. Look for more tips and wedding cake ideas here on . Since you are here sign up for a free wedding website and download your free wedding planner apps for iPhone.

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