Wedding Cake & Dessert Table Ideas

Wedding Cake & Dessert Table Ideas


Image: Marshal Gray, full wedding here.



Wedding tables buckling under the weight of cakes is becoming a frequent sight at weddings this year. Whether they are full of rustic home made cakes or are coordinated professional dessert tables they make an impact on wedding guests.

Not only do they look super fun, and bring together your friends and family they taste fantastic too.


Community Effort


Wedding cake tables are new on the wedding scene again in recent years, but they are also reminiscent of a by gone era. Where guests would bring a plate to fill up the wedding buffet table.

Many couples are now asking their guests to bring along a home made cake, which brings together guests and makes them feel like a part of the day.


Images: Hannah Millard Photography, full wedding here.


Bake Off


Since the popularity of BBC1′s The Great British Bake Off many weddings are hosting their own cake contests. The bride and groom judge the home made efforts of their guests and award rosettes or prizes to their favourites. Great entertainment and an ice breaker.


Images: Ann-Kathrin Koch, full wedding here


Budget Friendly


Having guests bring along cakes saves £££. Skip dessert on your wedding menu or chose one cake which has been made for you as your main wedding cake. Serve tea and pretty china to turn your scrumptious cakes into an afternoon tea treat.


Images: Emmy-Lou Photography, full wedding here.


Label Up


Be sure to create some pretty labels for your cakes. Add the name of the person that baked the cake and the flavour or ingredients used. It looks cute and ensures no cake wastage.


Images: Rebecca Wedding Photography, full wedding here.


Keep it Simple


If you aren’t sure that you want too many cakes, why not have one or two and decorate your cake table instead? Add lighting, photographs, flowers, decorations or pretty table cloths to make your cake table stand out.


Image: Martina Capodanno, full wedding here.


Dietary Requirements


If you are planning a cake table do consider those guests that may have a dietary condition. Perhaps contact them directly and see if they would want to be able to join in and if they need any special conditions in serving the cakes too.


Image: Jonny Draper, full wedding here.


Get in the Professionals


If you don’t want to leave your cakes to chance or worry about baking the week before your wedding then hire in someone fabulous to make your cakes. You can chose your designs, have the cakes coordinating and chose the flavours. Many cake bakers are now offering cake and dessert table options to couples.


Image: Babb Photo, full wedding here.


Mix it Up


Wedding cakes tables needn’t stick with cakes alone. Think about cake pops, macarons, pretty drink displays, sweets, pies, tarts, cheese or even ice creams too.


Image: Anna Clarke Photography, full shoot here.

Stands and Tables


Get creative! Think about unique ways to showcase your sweet treats. Use fun stands; think about using crates, trolleys, suitcases, logs or vintage china. Forget about tables and plates :-)


Images: Assassynation, full wedding here.




Mmmmmmmm. How hungry has that made me?!

I do so love a cake table. Are you planning on plenty of desserts for your guests? Are you asking guests to contribute or are you undertaking the baking yourself? Do you have any pretty display ideas? XOXO Lou

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