5 Quick Ways to Revive Your Existing Manicure

5 Quick Ways to Revive Your Existing Manicure


Every woman wants a long-lasting manicure–one that looks stunning even after a week of hard wear. In a world where we can’t avoid using our hands to clean, cook, play or work it’s hard to keep our nails looking polished and chip-free. You could apply gels for two weeks of flawless wear, but we don’t always want the same color for that long (we’re creatures of change!). Instead, we’ve found other ways to keep our nails looking fresh and spotless for as many days as we see fit. Here are 5 quick and easy tricks for reviving your manicure:

how to fix a ruined manicure

Reapply Top Coat: If your nails are intact, but looking a little lack luster, top coat is your answer. One of the quickest fixes, a good top coat will bring your nails back to life after a day of sun and sand at the beach. You can prevent fading and chipping (aka embarrassment) by reapplying top coat every few days no matter what activities keep your hands busy.

how to fix a chipped manicure with nail art

Dress up your tips: Whether too much typing has caused your free edge to chip or you’re bored with one color after four days of wear, adding flair to your tips will create a whole new look and cover up any nail blemishes. Add a colorful French tip, go ombrè, try animal print, or exercise your most daring nail art skills for a foolproof way to dress up your existing manicure.

Add some glitter: A glitter polish can mask any nail imperfections easily. It’s also a great way to spice up a single color manicure. If your day look is a work-appropriate crème, go glam for an evening out! (Sparkly nails help you get noticed at night, right?)

Remove a little lacquer: Ideal for those pesky smudges you haven’t had time to fix, use your finger and a drop of an acetone-based remover for this revival move. Gently rub the spots where your manicure has worn off to create a smooth line between the polish and your natural nail. Then apply one coat of your current shade and your manicure will look brand new.

Apply cuticle oil: It may sound silly, but if your lacquer is chip-free and slightly dulled, this technique will give you a quick day lift. Applying cuticle oil will keep your hands looking healthy and give a hint of glisten to your nails–together creating the illusion of manicured perfection. Plus, daily cuticle oil application helps nourish skin and strengthen your nails (Two birds, one stone!).

How do you give new life to an old manicure? Share your tips below!

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