The Dish On The Fashion Potential’s Melissa McGraw

The Dish On The Fashion Potential’s Melissa McGraw


Melissa McGraw is our next Panelist we have met up with to talk about Fashion 360. Its been a true pleasure creating the Fashion 360 Conference which is now open for registration. One of the core reasons that makes it so interesting is the amount of industry experts who have extended their services. They see our vision and have joined us to help business owners become successful in 2014. These are professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in the fashion industry for both emerging and established business owners. One of the leaders we are infatuated by is Melissa McGraw from The Fashion Potential. Rightfully so as she has over 15 years of experience working with some of the best fashion brands in the world. Calvin Klein Jeans, Cynthia Rowley, Rocawear, Nicole Miller, and Joe’s Jeans to name a few. Melissa will serve as one of the Panelist at the Fashion Design Panel to talk to business owners on how to navigate through critical problems affecting early stage brands in the fashion industry. We spoke to Melissa about a few topics we will discuss in detail at the conference and wanted to share with you.  District Fete: You have years of experience working with some of fashion’s major brands. If you had to identify one key problem in the industry that emerging brands should know, what would it be? Melissa McGraw: I have seen the retail landscape change in the past few years with the evolution of the concept of fast fashion. Even though trends are turned around at a faster rate and the items being produced are less expensive, there is something to be said about quality and integrity of product. That is why emerging brands need to market their brand and re-train the consumer that purchasing items that are one of a kind or unique in nature is what fashion is all about! District Fete: We know you are going to provide key elements on how fashion designers can have a successful brand, but can you give us one tip prior to the conference? Melissa McGraw: I tend to give emerging designers the following advice when it comes to selling their fashion collection. Their very own website should be treated as their number one account. They are selling their product at retail which is the most profitable to their bottom line. District Fete: How hard is it for designers to connect with buyers or is that just in our heads? Melissa McGraw: Retail buyers are looking for products that fill a niche or void on their floor or in their assortment. Emerging Designers need to have a reason for being and that is why it is so extremely important that their brand message is clear. If a emerging designer can’t describe their collection in one sentence then they will not be able to connect with a buyer. District Fete: What topic do you feel will be most important at the Fashion 360 Conference? Melissa McGraw: I think how to navigate the diversified sales channels that have evolved in the retail landscape and how to protect your MSRP -brick and mortar (wholesale), e-commerce, subscription, retail (i.e. trunk shows).

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