Beautiful Bluebell Engagement

Beautiful Bluebell Engagement



My love of bluebells never wanes. They are just beyond magical and create the loveliest backdrop to portrait images. So when i laid eyes on the gorgeous engagement of Ashley and Nick i just had to share them with you.

Ashley and Nick have the  loveliest story to share, and are planning their wedding for August. I love this stylish pair.

Thanks so much to the amazing Brighton Photo for sharing her photographs with us today.



How we met… In September 2008 two slightly drunken individuals found themselves after a night out in a chicken takeaway shop in Balham, South London. Always one for trying to get a free meal when drunk Ashley decided to befriend Nick and his friend and pinch a few of their chips. After chatting for half an hour or so and realising their friends had all left and they were being chucked out the takeaway, they exchanged names in the promise to find each other on facebook. A few weeks later they met up again and realised they were living 1 minute away from each other. Even though Nick gave Ashley wine which had gone off, made dodgy scrambled eggs and made her wear his Tottenham shirt whilst trying to woo her (Ashley being from Newcastle was not too impressed by this), she fell for his charm and the rest is history! Three years later they decided to become proper grown ups and bought a house together in Nick’s hometown of Wallington in Surrey.


The proposal… In July 2012 the couple took to the drizzly hills of the lake district for a romantic ‘glamping’ trip, staying in a little hut on a farm with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

One the second night Nick insisted they has a BBQ and although at first Ashley wanted to go to the pub instead, she relented. Nick set the mood with some candles and their favourite album, but Ashley, not sensing the mood, kept trying to make him play table tennis. With some persuasion they stayed put and Nick started to work towards popping the question. His plan was to wait until ‘their song’ came on, but Ashley ever the chatter-box, didn’t make it easy and he had to replay the song before twice to get the timing right! It all came together in the end and after getting down on one knee Ashley fighting through the tears said yes!!



The engagement shoot… With a mutual love of the countyside after many camping/’glamping’ holidays and our proposal taking place in the beautiful lakes, it seemed fitting to have our shoot in the countryside too. We chose Banstead woods as its somewhere we have enjoyed many a lazy sunday walk and where we know we will continue to go enjoy in the future. It was a lovely opportunity to get some nice pictures of the two of us as Nick usually avoids the camera! The wedding is being held in August in Dorking in a beautful rustic barn and hopefully the weather will be as nice as on the day of our shoot.



Lovely. Thanks so much for sharing guys, i cannot wait to see your wedding images already. I hope you have the best day XOXO Lou

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